Earn Rewards and Grow Your $NOOT with NOOT’s New Products!

• NOOT has announced five new launches including NootEarn Telegram bot, Web Swap & Telegram Swap, NootPortal, a fiat on-ramp solution and NootAcademy.
• NOOT is partnering with ApeSwap and Babydoge Swap to offer opportunities to obtain rewards.
• NOOT strongly believes in educating others and spreading valuable knowledge in an easily understandable format.

NOOT’s New Launches

NOOT has unveiled five new products for the crypto space: the NootEarn Telegram bot, Web Swap & Telegram Swap, NootPortal, a fiat on-ramp solution and their education initiative – NootAcademy. The users can easily connect their wallet to the newly launched Web Swap & Telegram Swap to swap their BNB for NOOT tokens. They can also track their reflections being received due to $NOOT’s tokenomics via the handy tool called NootPortal. Lastly, users have access to educational topics ranging from security, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), trends and staking through the launch of their newest education initiative – NootAcademy.

NOOT’s Partnerships

NOOT is proud to partner with ApeSwap and Babydoge Swap offering unique opportunities for users to earn rewards. Users can lend their $NOOT tokens to ApeSwap platform for a given period of time in return for fixed interest rate or yield on their contribution. Through Babydoge swap partnership users can provide liquidity to the NOOT-Babydoge trading pair by staking their tokens in the liquidity pool which will result in receiving rewards proportionate to one’s contribution.

Commitment To Education

The team behind NOOT firmly believes in educating people about this ever-evolving industry by providing them with valuable knowledge which they can understand easily absorb via initiatives such as NootAcademy which covers topics like security, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), trends and staking etc.

Strong Core Values

At its core, NOOT is committed towards community engagement and education while striving hard to build products that are easy-to-use yet enjoyable for everyone who uses it. This dedication towards building quality products along with its strong core values have helped it gain attention from crypto enthusiasts around the globe quickly.

Drive To Innovate

The team at NOOt strives hard not only just build quality products but also innovating new ways of giving back to its community via initiatives like launching a telegram bot – ‘NootEarn’ that offers ways of both sending or receiving rewards as well as introducing different partnerships that offer extra rewards upon contributing liquidity or lending one’s tokens etc., all these efforts shows how much commitment they’ve put into making this project successful thus far!